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Mandy – Jan 17, 2021

I have alot of debilitating painful disabilites. Was looking forward to seeing if this helped

Marisa – Dec 23, 2020

Well basically the same as everyone else. Was really looking forward for this product to try it out.

Ashley – Dec 06, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country France

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I bought a sauce pen they sent me a order confirmation email looked legit the money was withdrawn from my acct. And now I am out what I paid for nothing to show for my money.

Aimee – Dec 06, 2020

They took my money sent me a email confirming my order on October 7th 2020 they won’t respond to any of my emails i’ve sent them my order can’t be tracked cause it’s never been sent. I hold Facebook responsible also cause it was through them that I I saw the ad for the aqcue pen and tested the company they advertised on their site!

Carrie – Nov 29, 2020

I bough an item from them and 30 days later I still had not received it. When I call they said I couldn’t get the item any longer that they were going to go in and refund my money. They went in and stole $53 more dollars out of my bank account than hung up on me. Now they won’t answer their phone. They are a SCAM!

Alberto – Nov 29, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I purchased an item on October 7th 2020 and it is now Nov 29th 2020 and I have not received anything, yet my card was charged. I have sent multiple emails inquiring about my order. Haven’t not received one reply back. Did further investigating and others had same issue. They took our money and never sent products.

Tiffany – Nov 09, 2020

I too have been scammed by these people. I too wish I had read these reviews. They are using COVID as an excuse and they haven’t replied to my emails.
I hope their next poop is a hedgehog!
1 massage pen.

James – Nov 01, 2020

My experience with this company is pretty [censored]y. I order a lot of things online and I usually get my product pretty swiftly. This is the first time I have not received my products over four months. I guess the way they’re staying in business ripping people off is because they don’t send the product. Pretty lousy company if you ask me. I definitely will not ever again.

Brooke – Nov 01, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

This is my email proving that I ordered this product on June 20th 20/20. It is now November 1st 2020 and I still don’t have the product after multiple emails with no response I’m pretty pissed off. I will not recommend this website to anyone at all. Nor will I ever order anything from this again.

Nancy – Nov 01, 2020

Scammer’s email Support at grabbit

Country Unknown or Invalid Region

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

On June 20th 2020 I ordered an acupuncture massage pin from grabit z o n e Com. It is now November 1st 2020. I still don’t have a response from my multiple emails or my massage pen. All I want is my product that I paid for or my money back. They definitely aren’t running the business the proper way. I don’t possibly know how they could have a 5-star review treating customers the way they do. I can assure you I will never order anything from this company ever again.

Katie – Nov 01, 2020

I ordered my acupuncture massage pen June 20th 2020. I haved emailed them several times with no response. What a real bunch off shifty people. It is now Nov 1 no pen,no response. Now I just want my money back at this point. I can assure everyone I wont recommend them or order anything else from them. They are getting rich while we’re all getting ripped off. I regret not reading the reviews first!

Katrina – Dec 23, 2020

Any chance of getting your money back? Want to do the same.

Ashley – Nov 01, 2020

Order an electrical pen and still ot received it dodgy company as cant find an email to say I ordered it either can see the took the money but nothing have tried emailing them with no response this is not good reputable company

Krystle – Sep 15, 2020

I made an order for 3 items. They delivered to the wrong address after I corrected my address in a email just a couple of minutes later per the instructions on there page.i have recieved no response and no product replacement or refund. I am so frustrated I’ve emailed them at least 10 times.

Bradley – Aug 27, 2020

I ordered the Accupucture Pen months ago and still have not received it or gotten a refund. I will not order any thing else from this company. Not another cent!

Bobby – Aug 25, 2020

I ordered the massage pens and only received 2 but no free one. Emailed 3 times and no response. What to do next? Maybe will file with the BBB. They are really scamming a lot of people. There must be someone to contact about these scammers.

Louis – Aug 25, 2020

Company name: Acs Trading LTD
Company address: 37 Penn Road, Slough, United Kingdom SL3 9HS
Company director: Anthony Charles Stapleton Born: June 1986
Company No: 09226633
Also under:

Meagan – Aug 11, 2020

I ordered a acupuncture pen they were buy 2 get one free I never received the free one. I also ordered the toilet cleaner and never received it. I sent 5 emails and no response.

Joe – Aug 11, 2020

I purchased under the assumption I was buying 2, getting 1 FREE? Well, I only received 2, One does NOT WORK?… Have emailed this company now 3 times with NO RESPONSE… Also in the pen manual it states there should be 2 containers of contact gel in each and either one of the pens have the gel… On a GOOD NOTE, I gifted my Dad one of the pens and he is excited to use BUT read the manual and is wondering where the contact gel is and wants to use as suggested…

Priscilla – Aug 07, 2020

I ordered my Acupuncture Massage Pen on Jan 29, 2020 and today is Aug. 07, 2020 and I haven’t received anything. I want my MONEY BACK. Order GZ#7930 Confirmed. They are five stars I don’t know how, for me they are negative five stars.

Christina – Aug 04, 2020

Ordered a acupuncture pen 8 days ago, email said 3 days to process and 7-15 days for delivery… 8 days now with status of “being processed” unchanged. emailed numerous times with no replies. I suppose I should have done a search on them before ordering… I did use paypal so I am giving a few more days to see if a reply comes before filing a dispute… certainly no way to run a business, but it seems they got the scamming down pact.

Jeremiah – Jul 23, 2020

I ordered the acupuncture massage pens. Buy two get one free. My order was placed in May and the charges hit my account May 21,2020. It is now July 23 and I still have not received my order. I have tried to call the telephone number below but it is not in service.

How can I get my order or a refund of my money?

Very angry and frustrated customer.
Diane H

Kaitlin –

This is not how a reputable company should do business. I also got excited about the BOGO (buy 2, get 1 free) deal and added another one to my order. No matter how many emails I send, I have yet to receive my 3rd pen. I placed this order May 21st. I will be more cautious when something looks too good to be true.

Bruce –

I finally received my acupuncture pen, it does work, but I only use it 3 times and it is plastic and it is coming apart. I have sent several emails to [email protected] & no response. I want a refund.

William –

I purchased from them MARCH 14,2020. I sent numerous email and still haven’t heard anything back from them. It says my order is placed and that’s all. I want a refund.

Diana –

Be careful what you ask for! I called told them I wanted a refund and they stole $53 dollars from me plus the cost of the item.

Candice –

I don’t remember the checking but I have not heard nothing from the people I need my money back on my card or I’m going to turn you in

Mayra –

I didnt receive my massager where is it

Deborah –

I purchased a massage pen from them February 21 and never recieved it. I have sent Numerous of emails to the company and NEVER received ANY type of response. I am poor as it is and I felt like this pen would have helped me to continue to provide for my kids with less pain at work! When people choose to scam people they just don’t know how they are hurting people. NOT EVERYONE IS RICH.

Bridget –

Victim Location 33825

Total money lost $94.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered this on May 13 it is now July 1st order# GZ#17467 So many people gave horrile reviews. Someone said this address is in England this phone number 1 415 294 2219 is out of service. China 86 400 026 2126. Tracking #vy2013821272073187 after SEVERAL EMAILS THE WON’T. EMAIL ME BACK OR GIVE ME REFUND. NOW I am seeing them sold by all different scammers

Rafael –

I placed an order Jan 25 2020, and to date have not received either a shipment or ay communication. As other customers have stated, the phone number and email address listed are useless. Scamming lying THIEVES

Danielle –

Ordered 3 pens, it’s been over a month. Have received a fake tracking number. Have emailed 4 times now with no response. Have reached out to PayPal to receive refund and with this company PayPal is not doing anything either. Total BS company/products. Buyer BEWARE!

Adam –

. This order was placed on 5/26/20 (and the money deducted from my account the same day) in the total amount of $42.97(buy 2 Accupens @ $19.99 each, get a 3rd free, plus shipping and handling).I have not heard anything from the company and the phone number is disconnected. The order has been showing in transit for 3 weeks.

Wesley –

I just purchased the acupuncture massage pen and it said my card was declined but there is a charge processing on my account. The number listed for Grabit Zone is not a working number. I’m sure this is a scam and I will be reporting them! I will be contacting my bank first thing tomorrow morning.

Kate –


Alex –

My order was just like yours but I did get a response to a couple of the emails I sent except for the last one when I told them I only got two of what I ordered and their reply was a copy of the delivery notice which was wrong obviously.
I will bug them till I get what I ordered.
I agree with you
It will be the last time I order anything from them.

Roberto –

How did you contact them?

Marcus –

Ordered 2 charged for three. Recieved 2 3 months later. Over charged by $20. Contacted company several times. No response. Total [censored] product.

Aimee –

I believe the sites that let them post fake ads for sale should be responsible for not checking the site out

Lauren –

I have already posted the complaint-however, I wanted to post that I have filed a complaint with the California BBB. I also did some research – there is no Datchet, California – Datchet is in England. They are NOT BBB Accredited and BBB score is D+. I will also be posting a complaint on YELP and RIP OFF REPORT. It is a bit of work to file BBB complaint, but I went through it and filed. I will post any information I receive from them.

Roberto –

I ordered May 4th – received on 5-29, but no contact gel with the pen. I have e-mailed 3 times with no response. Nothing on calls. They didn’t even ship this in a box – came in a plastic bag. I am going to return them to BBB and will post on every consumer site I can find!

Ian –

Brought an acupuncture pen weeks ago got confirmation of payment but it never was sent to my house emailed them and got no response March 18 was my payment confirmation

Preston –

RIP off! They took my money, but will not give me my product. I’ve sent numerous emails and nothing. I made an order almost 4 months ago and when I try to track it, my order is not found. When I try to contact this joke of a company I get silence. Very unprofessional company that does not value their customers. I want my damn money back already.

Taryn –

I ordered an acupuncture pen from grab it done on mar 27 and still have not received it

Colin –

I received my item acupuncture pen, and it was defect. The cap where the battery goes won’t tighten up.
I called 415-294-2219, its no longer in service. I emailed 4x the email address for their support, [email protected] but no reply. I try again today emailing them at both addresses, [email protected] and [email protected] and he info email came back undeliverable. This is bull crap, I want my money and I will spread and let others know of how horrible this experience was with Grabit Zone!

Stacy –

Yes I ordered from grabit zone back in February 4th 2020 acupressure massage pen and still haven’t received my order! So far ive been unsuccessful trying to get in touch with them! Looks like fraud to me!

Travis –

I ordered an item since February 2020 and I haven’t got that item up till now. I even tried calling that number shown on that website and that stupid number is not working at all. Try emailing but no fudgen reply.

Ricardo –

I ordered a acupuncture pen from these people over a month ago, there phone number does not work, no reply to emails.

Chase –

I also ordered a massage pen a month ago and have not gotten nothing, called the same number and no answer. Tryed to e mail them but there’s no way to reach them, it’s a scam and it’s not right to steal from people that rely on what they buy. They should all be put in jail for fraud.

Brandi –

I ordered the acupuncture massage pen it has been in transit in Los Angeles for weeks now tried getting hold of company but phone number is not legit. Company is a scam.

Lacey –

I ordered mine around mothers day and it been in Los Angeles since the 19th wtf

Corey –

I’m am over this company they are thieves they take money and never send product they do NOT answer emails you cannot call pkease do not ever buy from this company EVER.

Donald –

Scammer’s phone +1-415-294-2219

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 37 Penn Road, Datchet California, United State

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I ordered a acupuncture pen and it’s been a month since I ordered it and it is still in transit Almost a whole month now it said it would only take 7 to twelve days. I’m frustrated and out of 22.98 dollars. I hope this can be resolved. This keeps happening not only to me but other people as well this is unacceptable and I am not happy.

Philip –

I ordered a acupuncture pem and haven’t received it it has been almost a month now and no response or email sent back I got a in transit status and that was in the 3rd of may. Let’s expose these scam artists. We should not have to put up with this BS. Company’s like this are trash and need to be taken down.

Dustin –

I have received my paid for product since APRIL 20,2020 YOU IT TRANDISTSINCE april 29,2020

Suzanne –

Scammer’s phone 1-415-294-2219

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 37 Penn Road, Datchet California,

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

My order was placed on March 8th. I haven’t received anything. The phone number is disconnected and they won’t respond to my emails.

Joe –

Not only, have I not received my order( 3 acupuncture pens) but was overcharged! The ad said buy 2 get 1 free. They charged me for the third one. I have tried to contact them( sent messages 3 different times, I also called ( disconnected) I am so frustrated! 2 of the pens were birthday gifts.( which has already passed). Can someone please help me.

Rebekah –

Order pen company email, address, and phone number is a scam

Jimmy –

I ordered an acupuncture pen not heard anything waiting for contact having emailed several times.

Matthew –

Ordered acupuncture pen 4/13/20 . Have no received.Site says it’s been shipped, but phone number is disconnected. I’ve been scammed out of $22.

Jose –

I ordered acupuncture pens in February, 2020. Spent $40.00. Got confirmation email, and then nothing. I have sent multiple emails with no response. Just called the phone number listed, and it has been disconnected. This should not be allowed to happen. They are still advertising products, and they seem to be a scam. Is there a way to get our money back, and stop their operations?

Katherine –

I placed my order on March 1,2020. I have heard nothing from them and can not reach them.

Luis –

Bought pet pouch , never heard anything back. I’ll file a claim with PayPal.

Shane –

Ordered an acupuncture message pen last month and nothing tracking number says order confirmed but nothing tried sending emails, calls nothing so it hurts b8t I have to report them so nobody else loses money

Abigail –

Victim Location 10941

Total money lost $22.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered and item on there website from January 22 of this year. I have sent multiple emails tried call the number doesn’t exist. ***** *******

Kurt –

This is the number they give to call. The number is not in service

Jeffery –

Hi i buy item with this company never answered my email i dont know where is my packed i am waiting more 3 month

Alexandra –

As I previously have mention have ordered three acupuncture pens from grabitzone not received one as we all know this is a scam just received an email now all of a sudden they have covid-19 kits so [censored] [censored] I could you honestly be so low to put an advertisement doing this difficult time you guys are really little life grabitzone I hope the feds get you really good

Alexandra –

Company is listed in California. Looking up records they registered in UK but also have an address at

Flat 2718, 27/F, Yin Yan estate, Tin shai Wai, , Central District, Hong Kong Island Hong Kong SAR China.

This looks like a credit scam. You will use your card and purchase through an American address. The money is wired to UK then bounces to China.

I’d highly suggest staying away and also changing your credit cards with your bank.

Emily –

On February 7, 2020 I ordered the pet pouch for my little chihuahua. I’m not able to send an email. All the emails I have sent have been returned. The phone is disconnected and my tracking number not even showed. This is a fraud company. I don’t understand why Google said that this is a trusted store.

Chase –

I ordered the same pens for almost $60 and still nothing I thought it was lagit since it used pay pal and was on Instagram but I guess it was a scam this has got to stop . once again I ordered the 3 pens and never received them phone number is not in service sent multiple emails but no response

George –

I ordered for the acupuncture pen and never received it. I tried calling the number they have but its not in service. I reported to PayPal also. My order was $59.98. I sent them an email and they still haven’t replied.

Nathaniel –

Ordered an acupuncture pen and recieved the confirmed order email. I emailed for the status and no response. I called and number is not in service. How do I get my $22.98 refunded

Mark –

Ordered an accupuncture pen and never received it; I’m going to the BBB on these people.

Darren –

I placed my order 2-4-2020, have never received it. Have sent emails to no avail. This is not fair that we all have been ripped off. They should have to pay for deceiving people. They are still posting on facebook.

Priscilla –

Order three of them and I’ve not received a pen acupuncture over 10 emails not one reply back will never
Do business with this company whatsoever again

Francisco –

I order an acupuncture massage pen and never received it how do I get my money back. Then number was no good but they took my money and I want it back.

Susan –

Scammer’s phone Unknown

Scammer’s website Grab zone. Com

Scammer’s address Unknown

Scammer’s email Unknown

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

Put in for order of acupuncture pens got confirmation of the order never received a heard from again

Raul –

Can anybody tell me if I can report this company to some federal company for internet fraud

Naomi –

I also ordered acupuncture cream for grabzone got confirmation and never heard anything again are received anything

Stephanie –

I also placed order 1/23/20, for a carrying pouch for my small disabled dog.
Received confirmation of order and that’s it. Never shipped never received. Sent many emails no response. Cancelled order no response. Tried calling, phone not in service. Put in claim with PayPal.

Natalie –

Scammer’s website

Country United States

Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Initial means of contact Website

Never gotten my order.

Shannon –

[censored] is a scam everybody order a acupuncture pen and nobody hasn’t gotten shxt yet they did a good job ripping people off big time hah ..

Dawn –

Victim Location 28658

Total money lost $22.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On 02/21/2020 I paid for a accupunture pen in amount of $22.98 which I paid through Pay-Pal account, shortly after I received an email stating that my item was confirmed and would be shipped in the next 3 days. On 02/28/2020 I sent four emails to this company with NO replies at all. I also tried to call this company at (415)294-2219 and I got a recorded message stating that this telephone number was NO longer in-service, I have no way of contacting this company and I believe this is scam to get money from people. I have filed a complaint with Pay-Pal to get my money back from this company.

Angela –

Have exactly the same problem as the people above me had said. I even tried to track my order with the number they had given to me on the receipt, and GrabitZone said it was the wrong number. PHOOY, I was wanting that too!

Wendy –

I ordered the acupuncture massage pen on Feb 2 2020 and not gotten my order it said it was confirmed and that’s all it said I emailed them and no reply from no one and the phone number is not inservice it’s been three weeks now and still no order received or no response from them

Edwin –

I ordered the accupuncture pen as well. The numerous emails emails have gone unanswered. I ordered on Feb 2nd and it’s been 20 days then I saw this and I also tried to leave a comment on there profile but after I typed it out I realized there is no post button.

Denise –

Victim Location 95122

Total money lost $22.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a acupuncture massage pen from them and never recieved the product and every attempt to contact them by email has gone unresponsive and when i tried to contact them by phone there was a recording saying the number was no good.

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