Gradient Grant

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Emmanuel – Jan 19, 2021

Victim Location 37683

Type of a scam Government Grant

This scammer hacked a friends messenger account. They pretended to be that friend. They gave me the website listed above and I went there. They almost persuaded me to get the scam. I called my friend and she told me she had never got a grant. So I am reporting they are still texting me through messenger I am ignoring them. I have other screenshots of the messages if you need them

Lance – Jan 06, 2021

Victim Location 94591

Type of a scam COVID-19

I was contacted by my actual bookkeeper who I am friends with on FB. She was telling me to apply for this grant for small businesses that had suffered during the pandemic. I clicked on the website and it looked legit initially. I filled out some skeletal info (email and phone number) and got a text message that I had been approved. You had to put up a certain amount of money as a processing fee to get the grant.

Ross –

Victim Location 91764

Type of a scam Government Grant

Person used message via Instagram posing as a friend. They encouraged me to apply for a grant. I reach out and the asked for money in order to pay “processing fees” for delivery

Matthew –

Type of a scam Government Grant

A woman sent me a friend request followed by a Facebook message to inform me about a "gradient grant" which is allegedly through the government for retired and people who are in need of assistance. I told her I’ve never heard of it and that my government here in Canada helps those in need with OW or ODSP. She informed me that this is a new program and offered to send me

The contact info of the "online claim agent" and tell them I want to apply for the grant. She said from there I will follow their instructions and protocols. I then asked her if it costs anything & she said that I’ll only have to pay for my case file. When I asked her the cost of this she said it depends on how much money I choose to claim.. lol so much for only paying for my casefile eh? Anyway here is the contact info for the online claim agent 2246990849. All you need to do is text this number & say you want to apply, how convenient. I do not know how much money they were going to try to scam me out of because when I asked the cost she told me it depends on how much I claim I never texted the number for the agent as she instructed so I cant say forsure.

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