Dana – Feb 25, 2021

Victim Location 37379

Type of a scam COVID-19

Caller pretended to be for the health department and asked questions regarding insurance for my up coming vaccine appointment. He also asked for my social security number and told me I could not have the vaccine without giving him this information. I refused. He hung up.

Charlotte –

Victim Location 94565

Type of a scam Phishing

I got a phone call for my sister in law, there is no way she used my phone number for anything. I called back and they answered from some hot line, the message I got said it was the health department. I gave them the reference number and asked how they connected my phone number to her, they said that was the only number they had and that she had been randomly selected for some medical try outs. Again, my sister in law would never give out my phone number, we rarely talk and she has no medical issues. I asked for more info and the lady told me she could not disclose any information with me.

James –

Victim Location 40511

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I received a call stating they were from the health department and they had been passed along information regarding my diabetes. I had signed up for a diabetes management class at the hospital and I immediately responded yes in acknowledgement upon hearing "health department" and "diabetes". The connection dropped and when I called the number back I got a message saying thank you for calling the customer call center, no representatives are available. I’m concerned this is a "yes" scam.

Bryce –

Victim Location 46804

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Said he was doing a survey from the health department. Asked two questions in which he wanted yes or no which I replied yes. This happened on April 11th, 2017. I am reporting this immediately after the call because I feel it is a scam.

Mark –

Victim Location 15207

Type of a scam Government Grant

Federal Reserve Bank of New York has the grant money at 33 Liberty Street in New York in the amount of $9000. They instructed the consumer to send $250 via money gram or western union or through bank account and then grant would be released. The call back number is 646-475-1606. Initial call comes from 202-989-3570 and 202-919-7502.

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