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Billy – Jan 22, 2021

Victim Location 70634

Total money lost $1,900

Type of a scam Employment

Told me I had a work from home job with intuit, they told me I had to purchase materials needed for the job. Lost $1900. They contacted me through text, hangouts, and they would call but never say anything.

Eddie – Mar 27, 2020

Victim Location 75150

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Employment

Had me interview for work at home job. Then proceeded to have me send them 150 in for software installation on computer to be sent for work. Then proceeded to try to have me deposit 500 check into my acct and keep 200 for my startup fees. I gave my dl num n ss card as they said it was for my w4. I also have saved converstion pics.

Erik –

Victim Location 76120

Type of a scam Employment

This women wrote a post on Facebook saying work from home then she message you and send you to a guy that you never meet or talk to but he message you about the program telling you what to do and then he says the software you needs coat 1500 and they need your online back information to deposit the check answering I told him only thing you need is my direct deposit my routing and account number to send funds to account but basically he wants to get your online information to your bank and deposit a check in your account then you have to wait until it’s verified and send his partners their cut Andre I told him I’m not doing that and he keeps telling me that’s how the company pay their employees.

Craig –

Victim Location 33401

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Upon doing a search to renew my Intuit payroll services (ie Quickbooks, Quicken) and a number popped up very frequently. I did not notice that these website url’s were (, fitbit, and many others).. It is against my norm to not look at these url’s first before proceeding. Since the number popped up so often, I assumed it was legit.

Calling the number, the person posed as an Intuit representative and was trying to collect billing information and a credit card number to continue my payroll subscription. When I told him I had a cash card instead he told me I needed a credit card. I told him I used a cash card because of future problems with intuit renewal and will not give him a credit card. We spoke about some other things that he was going to look into and call me back.

After hanging up, I researched this number again as some of the answers I was given did not jive with me. I then found that this number was also associated with representation of other accounting softwares. Then after noticing the URL’s, I realized that this was not legit. I pulled all the money off the cash card to protect myself, and am now reporting to you.

They never called me back. I did call again and the person said the "information’ was still being processed. Please help these people get prosecuted. He represented himself as Jason Cooperfce x103.

Dennis –

Victim Location 38182

Type of a scam Tech Support

A foreign man who called himself Steve called from an out of area number, saying he was with Intuit billing, and was going to refund a $199. charge. He was wanting to access our computer, but thankfully, I didn’t let him. I called Intuit billing, and they had me send the information to [email protected] He is calling a lot of people and he is not legitimate.

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