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JJ’S House Scam or Legit? Check JJ’S House Reviews below.
Jesse – Jan 07, 2021

Victim Location 30309

Total money lost $95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

So this is not a real business. What they do is they post pictures of items and sizing charts for all their items being sold online to give off a strong legit image. So people will see the deals and not the scam. This is called a smoke screen effect. They only offer a chat service no phone number. They only offer a ticket service for returns. What this means, is that what is being shown on their website is not entirely certain that it will fit nor be the color chosen and that is if you’re lucky enough to receive anything at all. If you google JJ’s House Reviews which I did after the fact I got scammed. The very first question asked, was "Is JJ’s House legit?" I clicked the link and low and behold the first answer in bold read "Avoid JJsHouse, it’s a scam! … It’s a scam! Customer service stalling and chat not accepting all messages. Don’t waste your money here." I dug a little deeper and hundred of dissatisfied customer complaints and reviews all stating roughly the same issues. Dress and shoes not matching in size, color, or even style, if they received anything at all. Most complained about not receiving their items at all and no tracking number was ever given. Now I know big companies like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and even Neiman Marcus have disgruntled customers. But in most of their unhappy reviews they vary in reasons and stories themselves and are things like dirty bathrooms, customer service rep was rude or couldn’t help them. It was rare for an item to not match description or never received. (By the way I’ve I used to work in retail and have had my fair share of unhappy reviews). JJ’s House is no where near the same. In my personal and professional experience, companies will use tactic similar JJ’s House to appear legit. Which as you can see I even fell for. We all do at some point, no matter how careful you are. But unfortunately they are not real nor provide what is being offered. I was lucky enough to be able to dispute with my bank and only lost $95, but some reviews stressed anywhere between $500-$600. (By the way if you search these you will see that the bigger the values were the more they never received anything) I truly believe that because they only offer a Ticket system for their returns and no direct contact for their customer service, this is truly a scam. I would attach proof but no item was ever sent, all I have are the printed chats I had with their customer service. Offering me an $11 in store purchase credit of my $95 order. Yes I declined their offer and still have I never received any item. Thank you for listening to my story. I know I didn’t loose much but others have (more than I dare to spend online), so I want to share their story as well. Please look into this so no one else falls victim to their scam. I’ve attached the review made by someone else of their $600 loss.

Carmen –

Victim Location 95366

Total money lost $266

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This online co. states being legit, but it’s all fake. Unfortunately, the website did fool me. I thought I had made a wonderful purchase, but they just take your $$$

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