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Tammy – Mar 01, 2021

David Foster and Deborah sent me an email on May 30, 2020 with a job offer for a project manager position at Kalix Transportation Group Co, LLC. This position was supposed to pay according to Mr Foster “$92K/year ($1,770/week) plus bonuses and benefits.”

I do not how he got my contact information. He did not want me to call him Mr. Foster. For the second part of the interview, a lady (Ellen) called me from Stockholm. The training took me four weeks (June to July). And it ended when Mr Foster asked me to use my credit card to make purchase online by calling a bank without giving my identity to buy computers for one of their business. He sent me a procedure to use when I call the bank to transfer money.

I did not comply with his instructions. He was treatening me on the phone to call the bank. It appeared to be a fraudulent action. He told me that I will get big money at the end of the training. Not true.

I reported him right away to FTB. I lost my time for unnecessary training. His goal was to get me invoved in a fraudulent transaction. I was not paid. And he stopped to contact me.

Thank God, I did not call any bank to request money transfer to his credit card.
Here is his contact information:

David Foster, Human Resources: (929) 334-4372
Kalix Transportation Group Co., LLC.
1740 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

Jonathan – Jun 12, 2020

Victim Location 76542

Type of a scam Employment

David Foster was my trainer for the 4 weeks of this job opportunity to work with Kalix Transportation Group Co. LLC company and I’m on my 3 weeks of training and I’m doing great and my scores are high and I am giving an opportunity to gain more opportunity pay time that I signed a thing saying I get this much money and more like 2,400 for just my time giving a try on the tests 4 weeks of and then on week 5th you will be going to New York their business and meeting the big boss well I’m not their yet but I got to take on the part-time job working to get equipment for Asia company to get the computer and cell phones and printers and they will send me the money to buy them and then ill be sending them the products to the Asia company thats just starting out since their guy can’t do it in time of the grand opening of that business. So I haven’t received any money and I’m still taking the test just to see if anything is still true but I’m playing with it but this job yes has thought me a lot about Project management with this Kailx transportation company for Heavy Machinery and oil equipment transportation thats what the job duties is and full time and the pay is 1,700 a week and the year is 92,000 9-5 job and it’s a hard one they say that many people don’t last more then 6 months. working on projects in the area of transportation and warehousing of heavy machinery and or industrial equipment. I’m still seeing if this 4 week passes to see if its real I haven’t given them any of my money or anything just my address to send me my opportunity pay after this 4 weeks end like they said they will but. Yeah

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