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Travis – Nov 16, 2020

Victim Location 60418

Total money lost $1,700

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I booked my honeymoon flight through this website because it was a little bit cheaper than anywhere else. Due to Covid-19 my flight was cancelled due to no fault or choice of my own. After the flight was cancelled, had me file for a refund. They said it would take up to 3 months (I also got a refund from a cruise line that took 3 months, so obviously it sounded legit). I waited 3, 4 and then 5 months and kept checking the website where it always said they were waiting on the carrier/airline to distribute the funds. Then, I contacted and they said the refund is coming within 10 business days and even sent me a "Proof of Refund" document with all sorts of transaction ID numbers and such. I waited the 10 business days and still no refund. I contacted again and they told me to contact the bank and give them the transaction ID number. I then contacted the bank and they had no transaction at all. I then tried to have the bank file a dispute to get my money returned to me and they could not because of the time frame between the purchase, the cancelled flight and the time I tried to dispute the purchase. knows the rules and they’re using Covid-19 and cancelled flights to steal anyone’s money that they can. So, my wedding during a pandemic was pretty sad, my honeymoon was cancelled and a good chunk of money for my flight was stolen from me by these [censored]. There really was nothing I could do either and is aware of this. The consumer would have to file a dispute either before their flight got cancelled or possibly right afterward. If they acted in good faith with this company that is somehow allowed to conduct business in the USA they are going to lose money. What a joke.

Dana – Jul 09, 2020

Total money lost $637

Type of a scam Online Purchase has stolen millions of dollars this year from customers and refuses to refund any money to any customer. The flights were cancelled and changed but the company refuses even 4 months later to give the money back to the customers.

There are now hundreds of new reviews of customers stating the EXACT same scam that has been allowed and aided by the gov.

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