is an ınternet site which appears to be surprisingly in question. Plenty of their very own guests will most certainly be speculating if Bettychilde reviews are in fact accurate and/or if the online site can be depended upon.
In the beginning seems incredibly authentic; but nevertheless, appearances can certainly be quite deceiving. Inorder to find out whether is a rip-off or legitimate site we needed to extensively inspect

Below are the guidelines we exploited to decide on if Bettychilde reviews are authentic and if should be believed or not.

We are going to present all the knowledge to you, then assist you to be the final judge to decide if is a scam or legit.(After scanning our report, you will definitely notice that the answer is painfully recognizable)

Something of which we were not able to gather on, are hidden webpages. It is very common for hoax ınternet sites to generate webpages that cannot be found by utilising the web-site search nor with the help of Yahoo and Google search.
If you were fortunate enough to discover a dishonest page on this site (many times this is a page which sounds too good to be true) please remember to post the website url below.

In addition, please advise others about, by publishing your comments below. Did you almost get tricked or were you duped because the facts and techniques provided below is too late?
On the contrary, do you truly feel this is a trusted online site? Your sentiments can make a difference, please share at the bottom of this page so that other people avoid making comparable errors.

Customer Service Information

Email Address: [email protected]

Website Age is exactly 1 month, and 13 days old… That web domain name was initially procured on Nov 17th, 2020.
The holder of this web domain name url is declared to be Kkma123456 fujianzhou.
Domain Name System (DNS) Records demonstrate that the internet site is hosted by: &

Cyber Security appears to have not been found by any of the engines below to conduct or contain viruses. This variable on it’s own isn’t going to indicate is secure; rather only that fraud claims have not been recorded as of yet.

Engine Result Details
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SSL Certificate works with an HTTPS connection.
This signifies if visitors transmit personal information to this webpage there is a decreased chance that it can be stolen by a hacker because all data will be encrypted. This is necessary for a web page to have; but, does not mean on its own that the online site is authentic.

Popularity is positioned as # 5,242,605 in Alexa.
This score signifies how very popular is. The lower the listing, the more well known the webpage is concluded to be.
A standing over one million exhibits a web-site which isn’t very popular. has such a minimal total of day-to-day guests that Alexa can not produce a proper rank.

11 thoughts on “”

  1. Betty childe are fucking scum. Absolute bastard Asian thieves, my partner bought something from their website a month ago and tracking shows that the parcel has been bouncing back and forth from the sender to customs everyday aswell as it being delivered to a different address every day
    I have tried contacting them via email at [email protected] which they have as their support contact line an not once in the past month have they replied to any of my 136 emails that I have sent them.
    I hope these scamming bastards are caught and put in jail or even better ,lose there lives. The deadbeats don’t deserve a chance at living a normal life. Anyone that steals from another person should be jailed or executed by lethal injection.

  2. Betty Childe is also run by the same people that operate the website ‘’ Buyer beware! They are also linked to . Shenzeng, China is busy these days with fraudulent sites!

  3. Thank you for posting your comments. It really takes a “SPECIAL” kind of the lowest scum sucking IT.. Taking advantage of hard working people instead of getting off their lazy asses and work for what they want.
    Thank you again you saved me. Karma is a wonderful thing.

  4. I ordered power wheels from a month ago. They took my money right away. they sent me an email, thanking me for my order. I received another email saying they shipped my order and our business was complete. I tried the tracking number and my order was sent to Oregan. I live in PA. I’ve tried to contact several times but they will not respond. is a rip-off. I wish there was something I could do. I will check out sites better and I am more hesitant to buy anything on the internet.

    1. Same here, ordered power wheels for my disabled grandson. They money came out immediately, and have heard nothing from them after sending 5 emails to them.

  5. Same here, ordered power wheels for my disabled grandson. They money came out immediately, and have heard nothing from them after sending 5 emails to them.


  7. Sharon Burridge

    ordered two sets of power wheels, what a joke what a scam, three emails and no items, do not try and purchase anything from these scumbags it will never arrive, fake tracking everything tracking

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