Website: is an internet site that appears to be utterly sketchy. A great number of readers will definitely be not sure if Mymasuwerte reviews are actually accurate & if the web page should be believed.
At first look would seem to be undoubtedly genuine; in spite of this, appearances are very misleading. Inorder to ascertain whether is a rip-off or legit web site we wanted to carefully look into

In this report are the actions we took to verify if reviews are genuine and if the ınternet site ought to be believed or not.

We’re going to give all the realities to you, then allow you to be the final judge to decide if is a scam or legit.(As a result of checking out our survey, you’ll uncover that the answer to that question is pretty transparent)

The one thing that we are not equipped to search for on Mymasuwerte, are top secret web pages. It is very common for dishonest web pages to put together webpages which can’t be located by utilising the web-site search nor by employing Google and Bing search engine.
If you managed to discover a dishonest page on (typically this is a page which sounds too good to be true) please be sure to publish the url below.

Additionally, please advise other people about, by submitting your feed-back below. Did you almost get conned or were you duped because the insight shown in this article is far too late?
On the other hand, do you believe this is a responsible ınternet site? Your judgments can make a difference, please submit at the end of this page so that other shoppers avoid making comparable mistakes.

Malware Reports

Mymasuwerte does not appear to have been identified by any one of the databases below to conduct or contain malware practises. This fact by itself may not mean is reliable; rather only that such spam claims have not been found yet.

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2 thoughts on “”

  1. I ordered a Misen Dutch Oven. Two months later I get a package saying it was Yellow. But when I opened 3 weeks later it was a small red ceramic thing looking like a Dutch Oven on the outside and the cover had a chip in the inside. So small that my 800 gram chicken wouldn’t even fit. I tried looking for a return address but there was none.
    I feel so disappointed and cheated.


    I think this is a SCAM and a FAKE. I think they are posting things for sale so that they could collect email addresses for scamming purpose (there’s big money in collection of email addresses). I ordered a Dutch Oven about a month ago and no word from the company whatsoever after the confirmation email that my order was received. I tried writing to them to ask what happened to my order. No reply has been received. I will not entertain any deliveries they make regarding my order. Anyway it’s C.O.D. that’s their problem now for being delinquent and unreliable.

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