Kaitlin –

Victim Location 53402

Type of a scam Other

Here is the email I received:

My name on darknet is nachtpult. I am a well known hit man on deep web.

Someone paid me 1000 USD to beat you and broke your right arm. (Why? I don’t know)

I will take 1000 USD more after my client sees your broken arm!

I don’t know you, I just found your email(____________) on Linkedin web site and your photo matches!

If you send 2000 USD to me, I will cancel the job, and I will give you the name of my client.

Else, I will finish my job asap!

Send the above amount on my BTC wallet (Bitcoin): 3EMxE7cL4T9U7r43pebmrP26LsFjfor33R

As soon as the payment is completed I will receive a notification and a new email with the client’s details will follow.

You have 24 hours from now on!

After 24 hours since you reading that email i will assume that you don’t take my offer. And we will very soon meet each other!

I am not a rookie.

Of course this email address, domain, IP etc are not traceable.

Do NOT try me.. Just be smart and act wise!

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