Nada Greek

Carla – Jun 08, 2020

Victim Location 21015

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My husband and I have been looking for yorkie puppies. We seen the website Nada Greek Yorkies. She had some beautiful puppies. I contacted through email told her we were interested in Bailey but that one was as cute as the other and anyone Of them was fine. We are recently retired and spend time with our 5 grandchilden. She answered pretty quickly, said she needed my address and that they would be shipping her from El Paso, TX. They would deliver right to my door. Thought, to good to be true, well when it came to payment she wanted me to use cash app or Wal-Mart cash card. I told her I didn’t feel safe and would like to pay by paypal. That was not an option so I told her I thought she was possibly trying to scam me if she didn’t accept safe and secure payment. She pretended to be shocked and said if I can’t pay by their means , she would not send the dog and I could go to a pet store. I lost no money cause I was suspicious but I am reporting them so that nobody falls victim. I told her there were many evil people in this world and my guess was that she was one of them. I hope you check into this and they get taking down but will probably still open under a new one..BEWARE

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