Nada Yorkies

Lindsey – Jun 08, 2020

Victim Location 03244

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I reached out to Nada Yorkies about one of her puppies that I wanted to buy. She was very responsive and even sent me extra pictures and a video of the puppy I was interested in. The payment of $700 (which "included shipping" to me) was done through CashApp – this should have been my first clue that something wasn’t right. But, as I’ve used CashApp many times, I didn’t think too much into it. She offered to ship the puppy that same day, but I didn’t have all his things yet. I spent all week purchasing his items: nearly $300 worth. At the end of the week, I emailed to say I was ready for him. She (by the way, I realized this lady never actually gave me her name…someone from the "testimonials" on the website referred to her as Ken’) asked for my address information to send to the "delivery agency." I gave it, and then hours and hours went by and I didn’t hear anything. I emailed her again, and almost immediately afterwards, I got an email from the "delivery agency." (Another clue – I would only hear from the "agency" right after telling her that I was waiting to hear from them; their responses came in tandem). This "agency" is called Fly Express Shippers (I’ll be filing a claim for them too, just in case). I got an email and a phone call, saying that because of Covid-19, I needed to pay an extra $650 (that would be 98% refundable). Again, another red flag, and totally my mistake for falling for it. I had no way to pay the delivery agency directly, so the man on the phone said I could pay it to the breeder, the breeder would pay them, and then I would get my money back upon the puppy’s safe delivery since he was registered in my name. This payment also took place through CashApp. They were thorough, and even sent me a "tracking number" with the "flight info" (although it said the puppy’s first stop would be in MD, and I’m in NH’? Okay…). Of course, none of it ever existed – not the flight, not the puppy…none of it. A puppy never came, and was never going to. A scam from the very start.

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