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Margaret – Jun 26, 2020

This company got me out of 2500 a year in Maintenance fees. I was very skeptical until I saw the 100% guarantee that I would get my money back if they didn’t and it only took about 50 days. I have the proof if you want you can reply with your email and I’ll send it.

Wendy – Apr 30, 2020

Victim Location 43302

Type of a scam Phishing

woman called me about cancelling my timeshare and I asked how she knew we had a timeshare and she said she had a list of timeshare owners. Offered to make an appointment with us and I said I would talk it over with my husband and the guy just showed up on Thursday at 3pm and said we had an appointment and I said no and he said well it is on my phone that you do. We let him in and he offered to get us out of both our timeshares for $6250! Releasing us from our mortgage and all our maintenance and tax fees and we would be free and clear of all the timeshares. Tried to check with the and could not even find them on here.  

Miguel –

Sounds like a bargain to me! And isn’t it a GOOD thing to not see them on scam sites? duh

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