Naxpar Group

Allen – Jun 15, 2020

Victim Location 97203

Type of a scam Employment

Naxpar Group posted a job listing on for an Administrative Assistant job in Portland, Oregon. I was emailed by HR to set up a job interview and was pointed to a Google Hangouts address and contact. Interview took place entirely via chat. I asked about US market because I could only find India references to company. They said they’re opening their first US office in Portland, OR. I was asked a series of hiring questions and was offered a job at the end of a 2-hour interview. Great pay, benefits and flexible schedule. All of this raised a red flag, but I hadn’t been asked for a SSN or credit card number, so I played along. I was emailed a job offer, which I signed and returned, and started "training" by logging in to the same Google Hangouts space, and writing assignments were emailed to me. I emailed completed writing assignments back to email address. All of this is done while Naxpar HR "approves" funds for me to eventually purchase software and equipment for my actual role training. In the meantime, I had requested "references" from my supervisor as part of my own due diligence – including what is the address of pending Portland office, and the name of the company managing the build out of the new office. I was given a bit of a run around, but did get an address out of them. That address led to a well known commercial building and commercial building property management company. I inquired with the property management company directly about whether Naxpar is in fact opening an office on site. No, they are not. My guess is at some point, my supervisor will be asking me to purchase my own software and office equipment and they’ll issue me a check for reimbursement, or they send me a bad check to deposit, etc. I’m still playing their game to see what the lengths of the scam are.

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