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Tiffany – Jun 16, 2020

Pretty much the same thing! Applied, heard back, had an email-type interview, and training was supposed to start right away. I got a weird feeling about it so I looked into it more. Upon some research, the entire company’s website was set up on May 5th, 2020, which is weird for a company talking about their 20 years of work. On top of that, I could find no employer information on who was supposedly my supervisor. The website originally looked legit, and the job offer looked legit, too. Definitely a scam because they didn’t want to train me until I had signed the job offer and given them some more personal info.

Ricky – Jun 15, 2020

Same experience as above posters. Naxpar claims to be opening a Portland, OR office. I asked about references for my own due diligence. Asked for the building address and name of the company managing the build out of the new office. They gave me a bit of a run-around with this info, but I was able to get an address. I looked up address and found a well known building and looked up property management company. I confirmed with them than Naxpar nor their BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) alias Parnax, have plans to open an office at that address. Fraud.

Omar – Jun 11, 2020

Victim Location 97448

Type of a scam Employment

Found the ad on CareerBuilder. Applied on the company website, I got an email from them on Tuesday asking to set up an interview via Google hang out. Had the interview and within an hour, I had a job offer making $30 an hour. They then told me that I would need to purchase some office equipment and they would send me a check to cover the cost. They email me an employment offer letter that likes really but there are a couple of little things that are not. They want me to sign the offer letter and send it back to them before I start my assignments for them today.

I don’t feel comfortable doing that. Please don’t follow this scam.

Dylan – Jun 10, 2020

Victim Location 97123

Type of a scam Employment

Offering $30 per hour for an administrative assistant position with benefits. Interview with google hangouts in text. Company Website did not mention about expanding to America.

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