Nelson Vincent

Javier –

Victim Location 15025

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Romance

He approached me on Facebook, told me that he is interested in me. Talked about inheritance his loving father left, that Turkey oil and gas company refused to pay him. He is fighting to receive the payment – – -. To receive the pay, he need to clear stamp, and he is short of money. Well, I was so stupid, that he was going to marry me, and wanted to help, so I bank wired him, though his Turkey friend, "Spiff Davis, Ziraat Bank, $ 5000. Then, a few days later, he asked me another $8000. Well, I do not have such money, but he kept begging me – – -. This time, I knew this was a scam. Too late! I have more photos of him, but I can post only one. This is his initial on his Facebook. then, he send me more later. His profile ; Widowed, later he shared that he wants to move to Houston Tx, to have his job establish as a contractor, he has a son and mother also moved to Tx, and we can be together as a family – – –

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