Jason –

Victim Location 46725

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Newegg company with the phone number of 800-390-1119 in California. They are listed as accredited business with an A+ rating…. Not sure how that rating works as they have had 1030 complaints. At any rate, here is my story…

I believe they are scammers. We had an unknown charge ($299.58) on our credit card statement.. when I called them to find out information regarding the charge. Automation took my name and phone number, saying they would call back within in the hour. Never got a phone call from them for 48 hours but before I got that call, my bank called me stating the was a suspicious charge for $1069 on my card and the bank wanted me to verify. I did not make any purchase and the bank rep. said it was through Newegg. Charges they tried to make on our card totaled $1368.58. Fortunately, I am not responsible and the bank monitors things like that. 48 hours later Newegg is trying to call me from their automated system. After hearing from my bank, I do NOT want to talk to them. I have no use for scammers.

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