Newmount Elko warehouse

Martha – Jun 24, 2020

Victim Location 21221

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I seen a ad for putting decal on your car for adverting and they will pay you weekly we were talking my email , I forgot about them didn’t return any of there emails so they started texting me saying do I still want to do this I did not reply so 5 days later they send me another text saying a check will be delivered my UPS today by 10;30 . and sure enough there a check the return address did not match the check so I google it .It was a business but they were a steel and metal company they build building etc… so i call the steel and metal company to let them know i have a check with your business name on it and they are using there actual banking info on the check so they pretty much stole all there info and sending checks out the scammer send me a check for 2650.88 they want me to keep $500 for my first week payment and remaining 2150.00 they want to send it to there graphic artist to put the decal on my car and now they can see the check been delivered they are texting me asking when I’m goin to deposited the check please send them proof also came with the check a list on what to do I sent the real company a email picture of everything so they can try to handle it with there bank/police I live in md they are from NV

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