Laura –

Victim Location 98682

Total money lost $184

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I looked up a video game on Google to pre order and there was an advertisement on top selling the game for really cheap. I went to the site and found really cheap games letting me pre order and a countdown saying that the price will increase when it reaches 0. It also said I had a 30 day money back guarantee if I canceled the sell within that time. Without thinking too much about it I purchased the items seeing how much of a deal it was.

After looking into it I found that the site is only around a week old and there wasn’t a place to cancel the products I purchased. The site looks like it is a scam site. Money was paid out of my account and it looks like to me that I will not get my money back or even get the products when they get released. Also looking back at the products I purchased the countdown reset with out the price even changing like it said it would. It looks like it does that only to trick people into buying products before the timer runs out. The site just looks really sketchy to me and I am worried about others getting scammed like I might of been. The imaged is one of the items I purchased. The product recently got revealed and is already $29.99 when it is $99.99 on other sites. It is even messed up to where it says it was only $49.99 on other sites. Looks crudely made to trick people.

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