Next Generation Concepts Inc

Pamela –

Victim Location 33914

Type of a scam Employment

Giant pyramid scheme, works under smart circle (but under another name so no one knows who they actually work for). How they generate income and higher ups make money (overrides they say) off of everyone under them.

Website claims they pay salary, but is hourly. Hourly is much less than what it says. Website passes off as marketing firm but is actually a sales company pushing everything smart circle tells them.

Makes employees drive 70 miles plus some days and does not reimburse for gas, forces its employees to purchase work supplies, and un paid for meetings. They force employees off of the clock to continue to work by calling other employees about work related stuff.

Constant conference calls, morning meetings, office dinners, and everything is un paid for.

There are recordings of the owner making comments about the employees being on drugs called out in the office in front of everyone, sexual harassment, and telling personal business of its employees to the whole office.

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