Nicolas Properties

Cassandra –

Victim Location 86001

Type of a scam Home Improvement

The person named Nicolas contacted my business via text message. Initially they wanted an estimate to repaint a house that he just bought, inside and out. He stated that he is in the hospital recovering from surgery for lung cancer. I asked if he could have a business associate meet me on site to let me into the property to do a quote. He stated no and to just give an estimate for the exterior. I went to the house and it was for sale by owner. I was getting suspicious but sent him a text with an amount.

He immediately wanted me to start and I informed him that we can’t paint below freezing and would need to wait until spring. He wanted to pay in full with a credit card anyway. This is when I knew I was being scammed. I looked up scams and this has been reported in the past. No money was exchanged but I wanted to report it.

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