Ernest – Jun 14, 2020

Victim Location 33776

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This website looks EXACTLY LIKE THE NINTENDO SITE!!! ALL ITEMS ARE PRICED AT INCREDIBLY LOW PRICES!! I work for customer service under a different company and I’m trained to spot replicated scammer sites. This site is one of them. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK ALL THE SIGNS TO VERIFY IF A SITE IS REAL OR NOT BY FOLLOWING THESE FEW STEPS WHICH INCLUDE:

1. The customer service contacts used by scammers are usually contacts directly to the scammers email or phone number. If the email or phone number doesn’t seem legit and seems like it’s a personal contact DO NOT TRUST IT!

2. Items on the site will be SEVERELY discounted which is the point to bring people in to BUY FAKE PRODUCTS AND STEAL YOUR INFO!!!! DO NOT TRUST THESE SITES WHATSOEVER! This strategy is exactly what pulls people to purchase from these fake sites which is why it’s even more important to follow all the steps provided to prevent fraudulent activity!

3. The URL of the website you are on will not involve the real companies name AT ALL or will have a slight configuration that will LOOK LIKE THE COMPANY NAME BUT IS NOT!! Make sure you ALWAYS check the URL to see if it’s legit to Verify wether or not the “company” you’re purchasing from is legit. These scammer sites will always be SPOT ON with replicating the actual websites of companies they are scamming customers from.


I hope whoever reads this takes my advice and always check the sites you purchase from to avoid any fraudulent charges or activity in the future!!!

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