NJ Safety Training Placement

Jaime – Jun 22, 2020

Victim Location 07042

Total money lost $299

Type of a scam Employment

I would like to report as a consumer my personal experience with NJ Safety and Training Placement. NJ Safety & Training Placement placed an online ad that appeared on my cell phone while I was on the internet. The Ad appeared legal and enticing. I called the phone number on the Ad and a man named Danny answered the phone. He was upbeat, positive and very friendly. He explained to me that all I needed to do to gain employment through his company was to complete a 10 hour OSHA training online and once that was done I would be guaranteed full time, daily, hourly or part time employment, with all hours of the day to choose from. He also stated that the employment would be Union affiliated with full benefits. He promised that if I were placed in a job that was unsatisfactory to me that all I had to do was alert his secretaries Ms. Torres or Ms. Whyte and they would find a new place of employment immediately. He explained that is the reason for the grand total of $299 was for the service fee. They guaranteed employment in a union based job and satisfaction. He also said a uniform was included in this service fee. He followed up this conversation with a text, "be ready with payment of $140 for license and registration and uniforms." With the very little money I had left in my pocket, I asked a relative to give me a ride to the Safety Training & Placement located at 291 Academy Street in Jersey City, NJ. Ms. Torres the secretary was very friendly and repeated the information that Danny told me over the phone. She stated that I should pay her $299.00 for service fee and $199.00 for an online OSHA training. She stated that when I completed the training that I should immediately contact her, she would put me in touch with Ms. Whyte who would place me in a job. I followed these instructions with precision and timeliness. Ms. Whyte texted me that her colleague Mr. Perez would email me further information for employment. Mr. Perez emailed me instructions to create a user account with the City of New York to apply for a job at Grant Associates, another place at https://campus.careersafeonline.com/index.k2?locRef=1, Express Pros, and the BEST was the contact Mr. Perez gave me to call Work Source for a job. When I contacted Work Source I guess I had called so many times with desperation about my "promised job" that the secretary answering the phone put her supervisor on and the supervisor stated verbatim, "this is a scam." She stated that Safety Training & Placement had sent hundreds of applicants to their business promising that ‘we’ would give them employment and she stated that this was not true. When she heard that Safety Training & Placement took money from me she indicated concern and pity. When I contacted ExpressPros they required that I complete a form BEFORE they would interview me. This form asked me for my social security number, Full name, DOB, tax filing status, home address, dependents, and signature. I was so desperate I completed this form. Now my personal information is compromised because that form never led me to not one job or interview. They also wanted a copy of my US residential card stating that they needed this before interviewing me. That I refused to give them my residential card.

I contacted Ms. Torres at Safety Training & Placement, who answers the phones, to request a refund for the service fee for no service performed as promised. Ms. Torres and Ms. Whyte refused to provide me with the company’s fax number, manager or CEO email address, They stated there was no fax number or CEO or business manager contact information.

This is an employment scam. They offer "training" for $299 for an "OSHA required test." The test/certification is not required and promised jobs are "not guaranteed." I am requesting that ScamPulse.com investigate this scam and alert consumers. They are taking advantage of innocent, desperate consumers in need of employment during an unprecedented, vulnerable economic time.

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