North Star Staffing Solutions

Mario –

Victim Location 43001

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Employment

North Star Staffing Solutions is nothing but a pyramid scheme. They charge their recruiters to access their job board, and continuously want you to recruit more people to work for them. As you can imagine, the more people you recruit, the more money you make. The thing is no one ever made money besides maybe two people. I also know of an instance in which many people were not paid for the placements they made. They call you Independent Contractors, but mandate you attend every meeting. If you miss 3 meetings, you are terminated. The last time I checked that is not an independent contractor relationship, that is a W2 full time employee/employer relationship. The only reason why people worked at this was because Danny Tran said commission was 10,000 a month. It turned out that a good career doing this and a reasonable placement reality is more like 1 a year or possibly two a year. 1 a month is impossible. The winner in all this was Danny Tran and Tabitha Tran who had a piece of the pie in all cases. They do not care whether the people they fraud get paid, they do not care at all. They trick you into using your own resources, your computer, your internet while they will reap the rewards.

Danny Tran lied to everyone, he said he had a huge sales team out there getting these jobs. Upon researching many team members found out anyone could buy a membership to a site where all the jobs were listed. There was no sales team.

Also, if you don’t submit emails, reports, activity, appear in all training sessions, attend all conference calls…you are fired! However; you are never paid one some for all the attendance and report requirements to keep your job. The Director, Danny Tran and his wife, Tabitha Tran, force their managers to attend managers meetings, answer calls from recruiters at all times of the day and night, and ensure their recruiters are adhering to attendance policies, and these managers are never paid. They never do get paid even if their team does make a placmenent. When.When managers resign, they bad mouth them, trash their reputation, and defame their character by spreading vicious and unfounded rumors about them.They have attempted to smear former managers for simply moving on to make money. Danny and Tabitha Tran both have multiple IRS, Dept of Labor, and Save Enforcement suits against them and North Star Staffing Solutions. Stay away from this company or you will end up broke with them sucking you dry!

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