Northern District

Stefanie –

Victim Location 44105

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called me first stating that I owed some internet payday loan company money. Saying that they would be sending paperwork to my local courts if I did not remit payment to them within 48 hours. I called their bluff and gave them my attorneys name and number and said if you have a legal issue this is who you need to get in contact with. So today they got my daughters number and left her a vmail message and she got the number off her caller ID. I called back and started asking them who they were where they were located ect. The guy I spoke to was super rude and said look lady they closed your account yesterday as uncollectible so why does it matter to you. I said because you are calling my family harassing them so I have every right to get information about your organization. He hung up. DO NOT give these bottom feeders any information if they call you. Start asking them questions they don’t like that. TOTAL SCAM… Never had a payday loan let alone an internet loan.

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