Northern Reflection Ltd

Susan –

Total money lost $148

Type of a scam Employment

I had first applied online to an official looking site about possibly working as a mystery shopper. I Had then received a phone call "interview" with a woman who sounded very professional, educated and asked usual job interview questions, they said they are a strictly Canadian company, and highly rated. I had then received a letter in the mail with a cheque enclosed, saying I had been approved to be a mystery shopper. I searched they company online and found nothing about a scam and when I searched the address it showed me there company name and everything I could find made it seem legitimate to me. The letter had 2 assignments that needed to be done after which I needed to fax the attached service evaluation forms and all receipts of purchases to them and when completed to phone your "assignment coordinator" to verify completion. Assignment 1 was to go to one of the following retailers: Walmart, Costco, HomeDepot, Sears or Best buy, and spend $100 on a product of my choice. There were detailed instructions about what I should be checking for (i.e. service, cleanliness, products) as well as "Customer Service Evaluation Sheets" that had to be filled out. Assignment 2 was to Send $1865.00 through Western Union. They wrote that the reason the amount is so high is because they have been receiving complaints of people being interrogated by employees when trying to send more than $1000, and being treated unprofessionally especially to people wanting to send money to other contries. They also wanted to know if they were asking for proper ID and following all protocol, they wanted me to write down what kind of ID they asked for, if they took photocopies, as well as my service. I also had a form for that assignment that needed to be faxed back. The cheque sent in the mail was for $2396.23, It said that $400 of the cheque is my service fee, $100 of it was to buy the products for assignment 1, $1865 plus $31.23 service charge was for the western union assignment. They said in the letter that I needed to deposit the cheque in my own account to verify that it is me. The letter had a Rep ID# that it said I would be using on all assignments and that if I had any questions to call the provided number. It turns out it was all a scam and the cheque never cleared, luckily I only spend the $100 on the product assignment but I got stuck with the $48 NFS fee. I was waiting for the cheque to clear completely before doing the Western Union transfer, but I found out that what they wanted was for me to send the money before the cheque bounced. In our world losing the $150 made a huge difference *** ** *** * *** *** *** *** ***

Here is the info they gave me about there company: (they used a real company name and address for the scam)

Northern Reflections Ltd

21 Four Seasons Place (2nd floor)

Etobicoke, Ontario M9B 6J8

Tel: 1-306-415-0091

Fax: 1-646-666-4496

Where they wanted the Western Union transfer sent:

Name: Janay James

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Please let me know if you would like me to fax, mail or email the letter they sent me.

Hopefully you can warn others about this scam,

Thank you

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