Northland Utilities (spoofed)

Kevin –

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A person called (from a terrible connection with noise in the background sounding like children playing) claiming that we would be experiencing an interruption in service. Because of the connection it took several times to understand that was what she was saying. I asked interruption of what?.. she said power.. I asked what company she was calling from and she said Northland Utilities. Then she said we were several months behind in payments. I told her I was not inclined to believe her legitimate (as had experienced this call before). I asked her for her number which she gave as 1-800-469-7407 ext. 1020 and asked for her name (it took several times to get it and she had to spell it out for me) – which was Minda McClay. I hung up and called the real Northland Utilities number and she said she had received another call this morning from someone also checking the validity of that name.

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