Ernest –

Victim Location 80543

Total money lost $99.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I clicked on a Facebook posting for the product Satin Youth Cream as seen on Shark Tank and ordered the trial product for $4.95, but there was nothing said about if you do not return the product within 14 days, your credit card will be charged $99.00. I am not the only victim to this scam. Please read the numerous posts of other victims:

<span title="… /> and from this page I clicked on the "Click to get Satin Youth Wrinkle Reducer Cream Trial Pack" link and it took me to this page:

<span title="… />

*** *** victim of the Satin Youth Cream Scam

Lance –

Victim Location 02806

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an email saying that I won something from Amazon–it was for a product called NouvaLift and i wanted to try out the free trial that they were offering me. I put in my information, and was sent the product for a cost of $4.95 for shipping. I received two products in the package. I was charged $3.95 and $1 on the same day. After about a month, I received another product from this company and checked my credit card statement and realized that I was charged $99.95 a month after getting the free trial and then $85.95 two days later. Yesterday, I received another product and was charged $189, but refused to take it from the post office and asked the mailman to take it back. I asked Amazon if they realized that this business was advertising their name, and they said that they were not aware. I thought that this place would be reputable because they were advertising Amazon on their page. I checked on my credit card statements and noticed that the charges for the $99.95 and $85.95 were under different names on my statement (Chandelier Skin Care and Exquisite Face), which is deceptive because it shows that they were hiding the fact that they kept charging me.

My credit card company and myself had a 3 way call with this place and they refused to refund me the $99.95 and $89.95 charges, but refunded me the $189 charge. I found out that he was located in South America, and he said that they had other businesses in the United States, such as in Maine, Massachusetts, etc., and that even if I wanted to return the product for a refund, I was unable to do that because I would not have the right address to do that. The bank and credit card company has put a stop payment on all payments from NouvaLift from this point forward, but I am still unable to get refunded for these other charges.

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