Nova Bay Pharmaceuticals

Joshua –

Victim Location 19809

Type of a scam Employment

IMPOSTER NOVA BAY PHARMACEUTICALS So I am reporting this to bring some awareness to this scammer who was very clever. I’ve been looking for online work for over a year so I had accounts on all types of job searching sites lime Ziprecruiter Indeed and Monster. Well, this scammer somehow got my number from my Ziprecruiter application and sent me a text message. Now I did not reveal my identity right away as I was suspicious but they asked if it was me using my whole first and last name which was weird. At the time my phone was having issues receiving calls so that’s the only reason I even thought to myself well they probably couldn’t call so maybe they texted me through a site to get in contact. So, after they said they were contacting my from my Ziprecruiter resume I believed it was legit. The person who contacted me was Mrs. Morgan James who wasn’t on the site of Nova bay Pharmaceuticals but not every employee is. The site to Nova Bay is legit and they have been informed and confirmed this as a scam. Next I was informed that the text was regarding the positions of administrative assistant, accounting clerk, and data entry. I said I was interested and then was instructed to download hangouts using my gmail account ( which my phone did automatically) and to message my "interview manager" in an instant message on the hangouts app. ***[email protected] I said I would and they said good luck on the interview which I did think was weird but I had on my Ziprecruiter account that I was ready to work asap so I thought they needed someone very soon. To continue, I messaged the person on hangouts never gave out bank information or address. They had my address and asked me to confirm so I did. I was interviewed and the person had a whole bunch of information from the company that wasn’t just copied and pasted from the site so that’s another reason I was sure it was legit. I was told that I would be receiving a check in the mail to deposit into my account and purchase equipment to purchase some things I would need for a mini office especially for the computer programs listed. I was instructed to only purchase these items through a sales person of the company’s choice and only that person which I thought was kind of off but some companies get discounts. So I was told I got the job and then was repeated back to return on hangouts the next morning for some tasks to do but at this point I just wanted to make sure it was legit and contacted the Nova Bay Pharmaceuticals from their website but unfortunately they took too long to respond. But I did catch on when I logged on the next morning the person I was talking to asked me for an email address so I did provide a yahoo email address since they are very secure just in case and he sent me a "task" but the email had no logo no department looked like if I just sent someone an email. So I did send a message back saying I wasn’t right for the position and thought that something wasn’t right about the offer. This gave me some time to block the number and the account on hangouts. I then disabled hangouts on my phone and contacted Ziprecruiter about this because this never would have happened if they didn’t get access through their database. I never received a check in the mail but this could have went so much worse and I wanted to warn as many people as possible. I was skeptical and this didn’t seem too obvious it was executed expertly. So beware!

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