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Global Travel Partners

Mayra – Total money lost $1,200 Type of a scam Other They call exhibitors saying they are in connection with the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show for accommodations. We go through the steps and book the room a discounted price. They took $1200 from my company. Tried to call back and all phone numbers are dead ends.


Richard – Sep 03, 2020 Victim Location 92701 Type of a scam Online Purchase My kids been wanting a puppy. Found online pet shop and tried to get information in regards buying a puppy. Seller send all info and pitures of puppy. Puppy was coming from florida thru happypettravel. I payed the seller 850 dollars …

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Hop2 Travel

Roberto – Nov 23, 2020 Buying tickets from them is like gambling in my experience and my humble opinion. I will take responsibility for not scouring the website to find and read all the terms and conditions, but I was under the assumption that it was like every other online booking site I have used …

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Grand Travels

Garrett – Victim Location 32835 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes Told me I won a cruiseline. Asked me if I could still hear him. I think he was trying to get me to say yes.

grand resort travel

Daisy – Victim Location 28092 Total money lost $4,400 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations I purchased a travel package on May 16th, 2019 and on May 17th decided to rescind. Federal law allows a rescission period within my time frame. The company has refused to honor federal law and has policies that violate the law …

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Go Travel America

Dustin – Victim Location 85248 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations Offer to attend Travel Expo 2017 signed by Ariel Winters. In exchange for attendance I was to receive2 round trip tickets valid anywhere within the contiguous United States. In addition, I would receive 2 nights at one of 1000 Marriott Hotel locations. The retail value …

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Timothy – Victim Location 79015 Total money lost $4,000 Type of a scam Employment I received an email regarding a work-from-home, on-line position with Goodwill Travel. " Nancy Rink" claimed she was a hiring manager with ZipRecruiter, her company provided affordable travel for international adoption, humanitarian and missionary groups. This was a part-time, remote position … Read More »

GFS Travel

Tamara – Apr 14, 2020 Victim Location 44889 Total money lost $1,200 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations Entered by Staff – LJ – 4-14-20 GFS Travel phone number 706-738-5432 has been phoning my elderly mother for three to four years. That is what appears in the caller ID. They offer a discount cruise. My …

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Getaway Travelers Inc

Randall – Mar 09, 2020 Victim Location 77520 Total money lost $78,485.67 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations In February, 2018, my husband and I were contacted by Mr. J. Garcia of Getaway Travelers, Inc. in Atlanta, GA with an offer from a Mexican citizen, Francisco Vidal Servitje, (buyer) to buy our vacation club membership at …

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Escape with Travels

Christie – Victim Location 60005 Total money lost $6,000 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations Travel website interested in buying our timeshare in Mexico for quite a bit more than we initially paid for it. Promised no out of pocket fees, then of course charged Taxes and title search fees. They got paid via wire transfer. …

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Employee Travel Program

Joe – Victim Location 12205 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations It was a fax sent from Employee Travel Program. It stated you could go to Cancun, Cabo, Jamaica, Hawaii, DR or Bahamas for 6 days and 5 nights for $99 per person all in bold letters. Towards the end of the paper it said the …

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Jacquelyn – Victim Location 90010 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations These people constantly send faxes that claim they are a travel service company. We asked them to remove us from their call list and then they bombarded us with continuous faxes to tie up our business lines. When we called back, we asked for their …



Cody – Victim Location 30080 Type of a scam Employment Says they found my resume on, I have a resume there, but to be a crane operator, not a international travel agent. Job duties were to receive checks or money orders from the agency, exchange them, subtract a 5% commision for myself, and pass …

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Exclusive Travelers Club ETC America

Brenda – Victim Location 33129 Total money lost $3,150 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations These people offer a vacation club for $21,000 and exclusive trips, discounts, etc. Which are not existent. In addition, they don’t have a license to operate in Panama where the contracts are governed by.

Golden Wings Travels

Micah – Feb 17, 2021 Victim Location 85396 Total money lost $260 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations Called the number to rebook a canceled flight. They represented themselves as third party booking agents. They charged me an additional $260 due to “price increases” on my credit card. This whole process took over one hour. After …

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cruise or travel offer

Anthony – Victim Location 51542 Type of a scam Phishing ‘can you hear me’ on phone, recording for cruise or travel offers

Express Pet Travel

Victoria – Jul 10, 2020 Victim Location 05855 Total money lost $750 Type of a scam Online Purchase I was looking for a puppy on Facebook a gentlemen named Oliver Henderson sent me a message and said that he had a friend that had the kind of puppy I was looking for. The next day …

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EZ Travel Distribution Inc

Kristin – Apr 21, 2020 Victim Location 32302 Total money lost $19.95 Type of a scam Online Purchase E Z Travel Distribution Inc is selling a number of items on, but the items never arrive. The company bills upon shipment and then the tracking information indicates that the shipment has been delayed. My credit …

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