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We are going to deliver all the information and facts to you, then permit you to be the ultimate judge to determine if is a scam or legit.(Once viewing our report, you can expect to notice that the answer to that question is relatively apparent)

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25 thoughts on “”

  1. They are legit.
    My experience:
    I ordered 2 Vader Chairs (Gaming Chairs), about 150 USD.
    I followed my order writing to [email protected] and they alwasy replied.
    After 1 month though my order didn’t arrived (international order) and I asked for a refund which they did rapidly. They have 2 options for refunds: direct to the bank account which takes longer and through PayPal which is ialmost immediate.
    I got my money back and they always replied.
    Unfortunately, maybe they were out of stock and that’s why my order took so long and I prefered my refund.
    Hope this is useful to you!

    1. Jereme Edward Zuanich

      You are giving them too much credit. I agree they always seem to reply to contact, whether e-mail, text or through their Contact Us. However, they simply continue to lead you on and hope you don’t ask for refund. I have not heard a single person actually get a high-end item from them yet they keep the “One-day-Only” sale on those products running indefinitely. For sure a scam. Even if they are holding $50 liquidity from 500 sales for 1-month they can make money of investment and interest with your cash, then return it. Not to mention the number of people that do not follow-up and demand the refund. They literally guaranteed me processing within a few days on Surfboards 3 separate times and still state they are on back-order. I can go in today and order a dozen more boards that they do not have to sell. It is clearly a scam.

      1. This company is definitely a scam I ordered 2 surfboards and never received them they just kept making excuses.If it’s too good to be true stay away.

  2. I just ordered a Channel Islands Surfboard Feb 2, 2021
    I’m in Ventura Ca. We shall see if it’s LEGIT. The price of the board was UNREAL – but we’ll see.
    I hope it’s LEGIT – we shall wait and see.
    Angel Bay

      1. Ordered 2 surf boards. They send me Canada post code, but it fortunately was not exist.

        Contacted to [email protected] for company address, phone number and refund. They replied me don’t have both phone number and company address, so there is only way to communicate with email. I am waiting their refund by request, because of tracking number was not existing even they charge me.

        1. Jereme Edward Zuanich

          There is no way the boards came. I ordered a couple on Feb. 2 and gave them a solid month to process my order. They started stating “my items were on back-order.” Yet, they are still collecting purchase orders for them on the site daily. I think they simply rely on investment capital and us the site to gather cash for those investments…at $50 for a $500 surfboard, thousands of people will bite, including me. Figuring the risk is worth the reward. But that provides $50,000+ for them to profit on via various investment tracks, prior to refunding the money (which they will hold 2 weeks even if you demand the refund the next day…). It is a scam, why hold a month long “One Day Sale” when the item is not even in stock. SCAM!!!

  3. A $500+ Channel island surfboard for $49 … free shipping… Too good to be true… Their email is a gmail email and not a email…
    Apparently they get your money and never send the products… The scam happened to me with another store LIABONO, but this one looks the same but with different name… Before it was a yahoo email…. Pesteq uses a Gmail account now…

    Once you file a complaint LIABONO refunded me… I think PEsteq is the same BS!… Many fake temporary stores are appearing in Facebook ads…
    REPORT and help others

  4. I ordered a chair from this site and they keep telling me I’ll still get chair and my money back because I ordered it over a month ago. The replies I receive are repetitive and I haven’t received any money or product. I would not buy off this site again. Buyer beware

    1. I ordered 3 Vader chairs in the second week of January – I got the same runaround: Supply is running late, tracking numbers that don’t go anywhere, etc. I reported this as fraud to AmEx, who immediately put the payment on hold. Today, I STILL have not received any merchandise and cancelled my order. I will call AmEx tomorrow to make sure my payment does NOT go through to them.

      1. Jereme Edward Zuanich

        I did the same with BofA. I ordered 2 Surfboards Feb 2nd. and they continued to give me the same run around. Additionally, they never referred to my items specifically in correspondence( though they did respond regularly and timely) even though I specifically requested an itemized receipt. They never said, “Sorry Jereme, your surfboards are on backorder.” Always, “sorry sir, your items are on backorder, we are having supply issues.” But that never gave them reason to stop actually selling the surfboards at $50 on their website, nor could they provide detailed ETA regarding when their vender would be able to stock the backorder.

        For counterpoint, PC building companies right now have a huge GPU shortage, yet state “allow us 4to5 week to procure your GPU” if you want a particularly “rare” one. Additionally, they are clear about when and how many they may receive in the near future. provides non of that.

  5. I ordered 4 surfboards from them. They sent me a fake Canadian post tracking number. I’ve been emailing them back and forth for over a month now asking for a real tracking number. They keep telling me my boards will be in the mail 1-2 business days. It doesn’t take a month to fulfill something. Def a scam don’t buy anything from them.

  6. I bought a vader chair on January 12 th and the canada post tracking number is not valid. They are always saying that it will be shipped out in 3-4 days and so on. Today I have requested a refund. Let’s see….

    1. Jereme Edward Zuanich

      They stated 10 to 14 days to refund a purchase they never processed. Which makes little sense to me. Also, they quote shopify refund policy to valid that time need. The difference being shopify does not actually collect the money as PESTEQ does, meaning when you buy on shopify, you are paying a vender/client other then shopify, and your refund is going to be at the mercy of this client. Shopify may guarantee refund, but it would have to be under contract with the vender/client on processing and timing. Very different then what PESTEQ does. Most stores I visit can refund same day, or at most a couple of days, even when they state a week. I imagine they will not bone up the money anytime soon, if ever. “Our processing systems are inundated and we need another 3 to 5 days to complete the transaction” is what I expect you hear in 2 weeks.

  7. Definitely a scam. They produce shipping details after taking your money but the tracking details are false. They don’t deliver the ordered goods and do not respond to any emails.

  8. Definitely a scam. I ordered a board, received a fake tracking number and nothing else. There are no email replies at all. Scammers need kneecapping.

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