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Downloads: 1B+
Updated: May 25, 2022

Skype is one of the earliest applications that enabled video calls. People could connect with each other from any part of the world through Skype.

It also allows audio calls and sending messages. It is free of cost if you are connecting to another Skype user, but there will be charges if you use Skype to call someone on another app.

Skype app allows people to send SMS messages to phones globally. The developers are also currently working on an upgrade that will allow users to read and reply to their phone’s messages through computers.

You can look at some of Skype’s features down below.



Updated: Jun 9th, 2022

Downloads: 100,000,000+

Category: Communication

Size: 46.6 MB

Rating: 4.1


  • Skype app lets you make video calls anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. You can reach out to your dearest ones and look at their faces while talking. This kind of facility was not available till Skype was developed.
  • You can share pictures and videos with your friends and family via Skype. Use the app to send pictures of yourself to people close to you. This app helps to keep loved ones closer and happier. You can also share your screen with friends or present designs for business to your team.
  • It has emoticons that help to make chats more fun and beautiful. They add a burst of color to the messages. Click on the plus symbol on the bottom right of your screen, and you can use emojis.
  • Use SMS connect to connect your phone’s messages to your computer. This way, you can read and send messages to mobile phones through the desktop.
  • It enables you to make voice calls if you are not into video calls. Making voice calls to mobiles phones or landlines is also possible with the payment of required minimum rates.
  • Chatting is an integral feature that Skype provides. You can create groups with your friends and family or chat personally with individuals at a time. It doesn’t cost a dime, and the emoticons also make it super fun.


  • Skype app is fantastic for people looking to connect with someone through calls or messages, especially long-distance connections. You can easily connect with people going on cruises, flights, etc.
  • It is super easy to operate and reliable.
  • It works exceptionally well on desktops.


  • There are complaints of the app not notifying users of calls and messages most of the time. The notifications are either delayed or silent.
  • There are glitches in the video calls. The video feed goes away in the middle of a call.
  • Since Microsoft procured Skype, a user can only send a maximum of 10 pictures at one go, unlike the older version.
  • The app might go through lags while making audio or video calls, and it requires a significant amount of space to install.


Skype has been the go-to app for most people since the early 2000s. It has been helping people connect through video mode and audio calls and messages. You can even meet new people through this app.

It is safe to say that Skype is a reliable app to connect with people instantly worldwide. It is simple to use and doesn’t cost a dime.

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