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Tubi - Movies & TV Shows
Downloads: 100M+
Updated: May 25, 2022
Version: 4.24.0


Some users wanted Tubi to create multiple features that divided the available content into genre-wise categories. Tubi did this in the latest update, allowing users to browse through their favorite genres without any problems.

With the latest update, you can watch hundreds of popular movies and television shows for free on the internet. Tubi is a 100 percent legal limitless streaming service that does not need credit cards or a membership. Stream whatever you want to view, whenever you want to view it, and with fewer advertisements than traditional television.


Tubi Movies and TV Shows Application is a free-of-cost streaming service launched in 2020 by Fox. Tubi was originally released in the United States of America. Unlike other movie and television program applications, Tubi is a genuine service that does not need a membership and is entirely depends on ad revenue.

Tubi now allows you to view countless famous TV shows and films. Tubi is the ideal software if you seek a low-cost solution that can help cut down your spending. The app gives you the option of what to view and when to watch it. While advertisements finance it, you may still watch your favorite shows with far fewer advertisements than traditional television.

Tubi is the largest free streaming platform, allowing you to view award-winning television shows and films from companies such as MGM, Lionsgate, and Paramount. From melodrama to comedy, classics to children’s shows, and other family favorites such as manga, Korean dramas, and British shows, everyone has something to watch at any given moment.

Tubi - Movies & TV Shows

Version: 4.24.0

Updated: May 25, 2022

Downloads: 100,000,000+

Category: Entertainment

Size: 64.6 MB

Rating: 4.8


  • Free access to popular films, television series, and films
  • Discover remarkable hidden treasures and worldwide chart-topping songs.
  • Create and manage your video files.
  • Explore categories that are not readily available in the “Not on Netflix.” Category.
  • Explore Korean dramas, anime, and telenovelas, among other genres.
  • Parental control allows parents to monitor children’s activities.

Unlike any other online streaming platform, Tubi operates on a completely free basis, charging no amount of money from any of its users. Its innovative features are unmatched, making it one of, if not the best online streaming platforms worldwide.


  • Completely cost-less
  • Modernistic user interface and design
  • Thousands of entertainment options from a vast library
  • Allows parents to monitor and create a watchlist with the parental control features
  • No interruptions when streaming has begun.


  • You cannot go ad-free
  • The default streaming quality is fixed at 720p.
  • Playback speed feature can glitch


As a no-charge service, Tubi is an excellent pick since everything offered in the application is entirely available for free. Advertisements finance the application, so if you think the hassles are worth it, go ahead and install Tubi. Since the Tubi app does not provide a paid account regular membership, you may be forced to cope with advertisements since there is no other tool for exploring Tubi movies and TV series without being interrupted by advertisements. Tubi, on the other hand, was recently bought by Fox Corporation. Thus it may get additional levels and features.

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