vacation survey, no name was given

Jonathan –

Victim Location 70123

Type of a scam Other

I called the above # (actually by mistake, trying to contact Southwest @ 1-800-435-9792) and was immediately connected to a survey re vacation interests. After I went through a menu of short y/n questions, a representative came on the line and apologized for the inconvenient wait time and offered a gift card to compensate. Keep in mind I thought I was on the phone with Southwest but was skeptical so said I was not interested. The rep insisted that he represented legitimate interests and I thought with all the bad airline PR lately, maybe they were trying to keep my business. So I was curious and bought the sincerity….

He said the gift card would be delivered ("and who wouldn’t want to take advantage of such an offer…for a small fee"). He said I would only be responsible for the handling charge of $4.95, so I again decline (and should have listened to the "oh my god this is such a scam" voice in my head) but he kept insisting it was legit (duh!!!). So I offered an acct # for a card that has been inactive for several years. He said he would transfer me to another rep to give me a confirmation #, but after the transfer and brief introduction the call was disconnected. I thought for sure it was a scam but then he called back…to an unlisted work #!!! I told him I thought this was a scam and would report…he said "thank you for your $39, no $49…no thank you for your $89" and hung up.

I reported the activity to VISA security as well as my credit union, and the inactive card was blocked/cancelled.

It wasn’t until I reviewed my outgoing call that I realized I had incorrectly dialed in the first place…all the while thinking I was on the phone with some contracted entity of Southwest. And now feeling so very stupid and vulnerable for opening myself up to such a scam.

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