Valentine Bullies

Seth –

Victim Location 78250

Total money lost $763

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The scammer was slick and persuasive! My husband and I found this website in search of a new pitbull puppy! We inquired about the puppy, sent the requested information like what other dogs do we have and if we had a suitable home for the dog. Once that was confirmed, we were told that they would handle shipping for us and that we should send the money order to ANDREW LYON but that the owner was VALERY HUNTER. The number used was 4406440613. After we sent the money the guy was super responsive and continued to assure us that we would receive the dog the next day. When I got home, I got a feeling that it was just too easy. We started doing research and BAM! Others had been scammed too. So sad, we hadn’t caught it earlier. We called money gram and they tracked the location of the pickup. It was at a CVS in MANASSAS, VA. I called the store keeper and they told me to call in the morning when the manager is there. They have cameras and documentation of the person who picked it up.

Heidi –

Victim Location 37398

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They offered a number of American bullies for sale at $750 from breeders in Richmond, VA and Cleveland, Ohio. Man on phone had a mid-eastern accent and was very professional and on point. Their website included very convincing photos and there is a similar company on Facebook that is entirely a show-dog trainer. Would only take money by moneygram, which was highly suspicious, but we decided to take a chance. Gave an address to drive to after that proved to not have the dog they offered.

Alicia –

Victim Location 10035

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I recently came across this company moirai bullies which now goes by the name of valentine bullies to purchase a puppy from them after numerous emails and text I started to get a funny feeling about them did some research to find out that they are scammers the only payment they would accept was via money gram or Walmart to Walmart paymen the names of the people emailing me and texting me were different in my research I found that they went under the names of Pandora bullies and other names the person that contacted me first Holfman lyo text me with a different name told me he was in Ohio then gives me a Virginia address the number he text me from was 4406440613 the email he used was [email protected] I wish something can be done to stop them before the scam anyone else

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