Valentino Toys

Pamela –

Victim Location 35739

Total money lost $84

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I found this site, it seemed great. Looked legitimate and everything. Until I completed my order and recieved the tracking numbers that Sophia sent to me. (She seems to be a one woman show, as throughout multiple interactions and me trying to contact someone about being refunded, I only ever talked to her for the last 2 months.)

1.) The tracking numbers she sent me were fake. Whenever I tried to click on them to track my packages it always took me to a screen that said my tracking number doesn’t exist.

2.) I only recieved half of my order, it’s now January and I ordered back in November.

3.) The products I recieved were nothing like the products I ordered. I spent $25 on an art desk for my child for christmas and what I recieved was an art desk for her baby dolls. It was so small it was ridiculous. I literally cried when I saw it bc I knew I couldn’t give it to her for a christmas gift. It looked like something I could’ve picked up at the dollar store for wayyyyyyy cheaper. The other item.i recieved was supposed to have been an illuminating light up art board. What I recieved was a black piece of foam and a yellow highlighter. Like a normal regular yellow highlighter. Nothing artsy or fun about it. Just cheap crap to be honest.

4.) There is an option to message Valentino toys on facebook. When I contacted Sophia to ask why my tracking numbers all said they didnt exist, and if I could just get a refund bc I no longer felt comfortable with this at this point. She blocked me from messaging her, so I posted a review on her public page. This is where I found out I’m not the only one to have been defrauded by this woman. I spent nearly $100 on 4 items and only recieved 2 of them, and they were worth maybe $10 together if I’m being generous with that estimate.

5.) There is no actual company address, Sophia runs this scam out of her own home. Will attach screenshot of the address she gave me when I posed as a new customer.

If needed I can provide proof of all my interactions with this woman and proof that she blocked me from communicating with her.

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