Ann –

Victim Location 32940

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

There have been several attempts to deliver broken packages to our residence. On this 3rd attempt, I contacted a number on the box of 305-206-8203 to ascertain what was going on. This person responds with text messages where I blatantly asked who is Valmax, who I was talking/texting with, or their employee ID number, and the businesses address as this was suspicious activity and I wanted to report it to the only authorities I knew appropriate, the BBB. They then tried to offer me free merchandise even though I have never done business with them, they also told me to merely throw the pacakage in the trash. I don’t know any business that supports throwing their merchandise away. Additionally, the person then said I threatened them by saying I was going to report this incident and let the authorities decide if there was any wrong doing. I then quit the correspondence over text as I feel like they were getting hostile and I was uncomfortable with the exchange continuing. I have the text message string if needed or requested.

Thank you

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