Monica –

Victim Location 61036

Total money lost $4.95

Type of a scam Phishing

My father called Chase about his credit card, but mis-dialed one number. The people who answered led him to believe they were Chase representatives, but then over the course of a half hour (and two call backs when he hung up on them) asked him to repeat his credit card number, mailing address, 3-digit code, and email address several times with the promise they were sending him a $100 pre-paid Chase card. They told him he’d be charged a 4.95 handling fee. The charge showed up today on on his Chase account as a company called "Valu-pass" which I’ve now researched a bit, and find that they commonly set up this scam through phone numbers similar to customer service numbers from other companies and then proceed to charge multiple fees and transactions. I’m including in this description three phone numbers: the initial 800 number that is one number different from Chase customer service, a 216 number they called him back from twice, and an 866 number listed with the transaction on their credit card.

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