Vance and Hoffman

Valerie –

Victim Location 98203

Type of a scam Phishing

Telephone call with the young lady asking for my husband, said he wasn’t home and she asked if I could take a message. When I asked what it was about she said he needed to call back as he didn’t fill out his paperwork all the way. Alarm bells start to ring and I ask who they are and what they do, we process paper she said, what kind of paper I ask, let me transfer you to my supervisor. Supervisor says I need to to tell me the last 4 didgits of his social security number…what for, oh I can’t just give you his information but if you give me his social ill tell you all about it..I know for a fact we have no paperwork for anything that needed processed but she was trying hard for me to give her is last 4 numbers. This is a scam and about 6 months ago a similar call came in and he called to find out what it was about then and they had a fake lawsuit that they said involved him and they could settle it right away for 150.00. That way no one had to go to court. Oh okay but the lawsuit wasn’t true in anyway! They just try to scare you so you will pay them money to settle a lawsuit that is totally made up. But the pressure they give to you makes you believe them. They do threaten to take you to court..tell them good I’ll see you there and we didn’t hear another word after that

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