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Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am upgrading my internet peripherals and cables in my home to newer updated products so I can get the best performance. I read a lot about vandesail being the best ethernet cables to use. So I looked up, what I thought, was the manufacturer to see what other products they had to offer. The website ( looks legitimate with all sorts of internet stuff. At the time or purchase I was given the option of free 2 day shipping if I ordered in 30 minutes. I was placing an order anyway so I figured it was just a nice perk. When I placed my order I was given the option of free shipping and that I would receive my items on Monday, July 1, 2019. I have tried emailing the company twice at the email listed on their website ([email protected]) and both times I received an email back from the mail daemon that my email was rejected. When I read my paypal statement I noticed the email was different than their website and when I check my paypal statement is said I placed an order on ebay (which I did not). When I called the phone number listed on their website (twice) it only rings until an answering machine picks up and it is in no way businesslike. It is only of an asian sounding individual telling you to leave a phone number. No calls are returned. Everything about this to me screams a scam. I have not ever received a tracking number or any emails from the company that my items ever shipped. Only an invoice showing what I purchased and the amount. Paypal refuses to take any complaints regarding this issue.

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