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Roberto –

Victim Location 33432

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received in US mail a notice about consolidating credit cards for 5.99 percent and being pre approved. I tried to log into their website but kept getting an error message. they didn’t seem concerned when I called and told them which means they knew this would happen

the agent spent about 30 min reviewing what I wanted to consolidate ran my credit score and told me I could get a loan at 5.99 for 18 months. he said he had to call me back to get approvals and when he did he said he failed to mention by law some disclosure. he went on to tell me since I lived in a hurricane impact area I was eligible for a interest free loan, I ask more than once what the catch was. he said only that I could not use my credit cards and I have five years to pay it off. I ask him to send it to me, obviously I felt concerned at this point. I got the papers and they were guided by an attorney for me to sign over my rights for them to negotiate down my debt for fees’ etc with no guarantee

In no way was this anything about a hurricane impact area relief program. I am glad I am smart enough not to sign but how many people do you think they scam. Beyond aggravated as I was looking for a honest solution to help reduce my debt

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