Christy –

Victim Location 37188

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an email stating. They had a weekend sale only. But it was my favorite e liquid and only 11.99 for a 100 ml bottle when the cheapest I have ever found it across the board is 19.99. So I began doing my research but I only had till midnight last night to place the order. I didn’t go thru with the order because I couldn’t find anything on google or anywhere when I typed in the address that was In my history file. So this morning I check again to see what’s on sale and it was the same juice so I thought I was just lucky it did t expire yet. So I looked up reviews and thier face book page and discovered there are 0 reviews and the weekend only sale that just so happened to have my favorite juice was actually posted on feb 22nd on thier Facebook page and I received the email on March 8th stating that’s when the sale started. I then looked up how to discover a fraudulent page and the mistake that stuck out the most was when I would put in the e liquid specific brand name only 4 of the brand 8 juices would pop up to appear so it was as if the other 4 flavors never existed until I clicked on the weekend sale button again. And the final thing that caught my eye is air factory e liquid only comes in a 100 ml bottle and 7 of the flavors had it correct that it was a 100 ml bottle but when I clicked on the lemon glaze liquid the only option was to buy a 120 ml bottle for no extra cost. Thier address is also in a business space rental building. But the only info I could find on it was the property company the Regus group still had all the space available in the building vape sale claims they have already been established in

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