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Hillary – Mar 15, 2020

Victim Location 76036

Total money lost $74.89

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw this advertisement on facebook about ordering waterfalls, and you could order dome like candles that you are to use with the waterfall,( they said only candles ordered from them) would work with the waterfall, this waterfall is suppose to help you relax and get rid of all of your stress. So i filled out the form, with all of my information including my credit card information and that was when i saw the part about having to order their candles in order for it to work, it showed their candles to be $3.99 for 10 and then 100 or 200 i believe the ad said for $34.99 so I changed my mind and deleted all of my information including my credit card number without pressing the submit button. That’s the thing, i never clicked on the submit button, which means since all of my information was already on the form, they pushed the order through anyway, they had my information and after i deleted my information they forced the order through anyway. I have not received the merchandise, they have taken the money off of my bank card. I do not intend to accept their merchandise, if i had wanted it, i wouldn’t have changed my mind i would have submitted the order instead. I have notified my bank about the entire situation.

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