Varian Medical Systems Imposter

Gloria –

Victim Location 30281

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from a job I applies to from an application I put on Career Builders. I was contacted by email from Varian Medical System,

a person supposedly working with them for job interview on Google Hangouts or Skype. I used Google Hangouts to contact this person. She intervied me and offered employment at home, but first I must buy their approved work from home software. They said they would send a check for $140.00 so I could purchase the software. I gave them only my address to send the check. The next day I received by Fedex Overnight a check for $3650.00 I contacted Ms. Anderson back on Google and asked why she send such a large check. They wanted me to deposit the check into my account and send a receipt to them that I had purchased their software applications.

My question is what were they going to do if I deposited the check and bought the software. I have not deposited it and will not. The check looks like it came from someones escrow account.

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