Vassar Inn Motel

Krystal –

Victim Location 48768

Total money lost $212

Type of a scam Rental

I found an ad on craigslist for an apartment/room for rent at Vassar Inn Motel 1125 W. Saginaw Rd, Vassar MI. Price was 400.00 month plus a refundable 100.00 she informed me of on the phone not listed in the ad. I paid 500.00 cash for 17 Jan 2018 to 17 Feb 2018 for room 111. About 3 days after moving in i asked for a refund as it was 100 degrees in room and window was plasticed over, even though i opened the window and opened the front door it was still too hot and giving me heart issues. The manager Susan said no refunds. I looked at my contract and it was blank except for header and money amount and dates. This manager started harassing everyone at times, always knocking on doors and arguing with tenants. Approximately a dozen prepaid room renters. On 9 Feb 2018 she knocked at my door and told me to close window down to a crack, that i couldnt have it open the 12 inches that i did, even though the 2"x2" by 12 inch pieces of wood were supplied by them and in the room when i moved in and she previously told me to open the window and front door if it was too hot. She argued and told me she wanted me out by the 17th Feb or she would call police. I had heard her threaten the neighbor Nick in room 112 the day before with a 4 hour throw out because she was arguing with him after knocking on his door. I left the same day as my last argument, Feb 9th, that being 8 days early and did not confront her for the money owed as she had already said no refunds before and when she was arguing with Nick. This business is a scam, they dont refund your cleaning deposit and they harass you until you leave early so they can charge someone else 500.00 and get extra time out of the deal. I have filed complaint with local Chamber of Commerce, Vassar MI, and tip line to Tuscola County Police as well as reviewing their motel on several sites i have found. Please check into this place, i see this is common practice that motel owners use tactics like this to scam people out of money and pocket the difference. Read some of the reviews on various motels and you can see something really needs to be done. I hope you will check into this. Thank you.

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