Brandy –

Victim Location 29426

Type of a scam Employment

When applying for the job they had me apply through social media (via Snapchat). After applying, 30 minutes later, I was notified through text messages that I had and interview with the company Vector, I never received a phone call to speak to a hiring director or anything. When I arrived to the building the office was very vacant and there were up to 6 other applicants there as well. We all had a 10 minute interview each separately and had to re-apply for the job giving them personal information as far as my social, we all were called into a small from to be explained about the job. The day after I received the job I searched the company up in google and I saw nothing but the company be accused of scam. I watch numerous videos on the company and they all give the same feedback. I don’t want anything to do with this company and I want all my personal information that they may have on me cleared up immediately.

Amanda –

Victim Location 44236

Type of a scam Employment

Received snail mail letter for my graduating senior indicating summer job opportunities. Only contact information given in the letter is using our senior’s last name within the URL, i.e., We did not attempt to use the URL, but instead reached out to the BBB and found that there are 8 similar scams with similar descriptions. One difference is that this letter came via the US postal service; whereas, the other reports seemed to be phone and email scams.

Meagan –

Victim Location 37066

Type of a scam Employment

I am a high school graduate who will be starting college in the fall and I received a letter in the mail with no return address and no phone number or official contact from a company claiming to be called Vector. The letter has my name middle name that I go by on it. It says that they are looking to alert me of opportunities for students in my area. It does not explain what the details of the job are or what it is, it only explains the benefits such as pay, opportunity to advance, flexible scheduling and ages 17+ may apply. The offer sounds too good to be true and just really fishy. I told a friend about the letter I received and as soon as I told her the company was Vector she told to throw it away immediately because they target young people for human trafficking. She said people apply for the job and go to the interview and are offered a drink laced with drugs. Upon hearing this shocking horror I went home immediately and threw it away only to receive another letter today one week later. This scam is scary and they are seeking people personal information to send these letters.

Henry –

Victim Location 46254

Type of a scam Employment

My 17yr old daughter was sent a letter in the mail no return address about a job that pays $17.00 per hour. We visited the website (Web address) and it doesn’t look real. At the top of the site it has the words:shopping cart, authorizes, and card with symbols that look like an Web site address.

I know that everything on Facebook is not true. There’s a post stating that they are doing illegal to applicants.

Brenda –

Victim Location 29520

Type of a scam Employment

The company calls with a fake name saying they referred you to the position. They call you in immediately for an interview and you are "hired" on the spot however you must invest hundreds of dollars before you begin to work and once you do; you are not paid and no one answers calls

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