Vectren (Using this company name)

Katelyn –

Victim Location 47710

Type of a scam Utility

Our business got a call from someone claiming to be with Vectren which is the Gass & electric company here in Evanville IN. The caller didn’t know the name on the account (this was our first flag). They said that we need to make a payment within the next 25-30 minutes or they would disconnect our power. This was our second flag because Vectren will not call you to let you know about disconnect notices. Not only that but if you make a payment within 2 business days of a disconnect they cannot guarantee that you won’t be put on the disconnect list. The caller tried to sound legit when they gave our receptionist their "Badge Number" of C7834. Again, I have never received a badge number from a Vectren employee, so big flag. The receptionist told the caller they would have to call the accounting department for any billing issues but the caller refused. But the final flag was the phone number they gave us to call back was 1-844-310-6683, Vectren has only 1-800 phone numbers. I already emailed Vectren to report this scam. I hope no one falls for this scam.

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