Vehicle Warranty Service

Nicolas – Mar 16, 2020

Victim Location 98370

Type of a scam Phishing

A man with this company called my 12 year old daughter, and knew her name. He was asking questions about the kind of car we drive. She was rightfully scared and called me and sent me the number. I called the company and wanted to know what type of buisness they run I was told they issue warenty checks for damaged vehicles. I asked how they got my daughters name and number and was told "I do not know" So I asked for a manager. When Josue(last name was not able to be given to protect his privacy) the manager came on he told me that he could not tell me how thye got her nae and number because I did not call back from her phone. I asked if he coud look that up if I gave him her number and he said I would have to call back from her phone. I asked why he couldnt search for her number and file in his compputer and answered with, they likely got it from a dealship she had dealt with. I repeated that she is 12 years old, and has never dealt with a car dealership, or anything of that nature. He finally agreed to take her number and remove it from thier system, but I have zero reson to believe him. The fact that he was saying he needed toprotect his privacy but perfectly okay working for a company that calls 12 year old girls and knows their names is concerning.

Jimmy –

Victim Location 27527

Type of a scam Phishing

I have received numerous service solicitation letters from this company, or one with a very similar name, telling me my vehicle warranty is about to expire. The numerous letters begin with a very negative tone: "Our records indicate you have received multiple notices and have not contacted us to update your auto file." It goes on to state, "You are receiving this notice because your factory warranty has expired or will expire soon based on the mileage and age of your vehicle." And finally states, "No other notices will be sent for this offer. This will be our only attempt to contact you about your expiring factory warranty". And finally at the tear-off section near bottom it states in all caps, "YOU HAVE UNTIL 6/15/2018 TO RESPOND TO THIS NOTICE OR YOUR EXTENDED WARRANTY WILL BE TERMINATED." At the top of the letter it correctly indicates I have a Toyota. My factory warranty is 3/36 basic and my extended warranty on drivetrain is 5 yrs/60K, so this letter is false advertising. The tone is extremely threatening. I have called the number twice and asked to be removed from their target marketing but it hasn’t been effective.

Nicole –

Victim Location 73106

Type of a scam Other

This was a recorded call claiming to be from the Vehicle Warranty Service (or something like that). It notified me that my vehicle warranty had expired and said that this was the last communication I’d get. It then asked if I wanted to speak with a Vehicle Warranty Specialist. I stupidly said "yes" because I actually was having an issue with a vehicle warranty and was expecting a call. When I said "yes," the call disconnected.

Tiffany –

Victim Location 68005

Type of a scam Phishing

They called me, and a previously recorded voice told me that the warranty on one of my vehicles would expire soon. I don’t have a warranty on any of my vehicles. The recorded voice continued and asked if I would like to speak to a representative. I answered "yes". They asked the same question 3 times, and then disconnected. I think this is similar to the "can you hear me" scam.

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