Vehicles For Veterans

Donna –

Victim Location 66062

Type of a scam Charity

We have now realized the company we donated a car to uses multiple names. The name that drew us in was Vehicles For Veterans. But the other names on other correspondence includes Car Donation Foundation (Car Donation Foundation, Inc. in the past), National Fundraising Management, and even a metals waste company.

We gave our signed title to the towtruck driver who picked up our car.

We then received phone calls telling us they lost our car title and now need us to sign a power of attorney for both our former/current states. The title was a clear title.

The two powers of attorney mailed to us include some blank lines with only a Post-it on that part, noting what will be there or should be there and also asking us to go ahead and sign the papers, even without a notary present, saying they will notarize it when they receive it (I believe this is illegal or would get a notary public to lose their license if found out).

We wonder if the car is already sold and they are attempting to re-sell the car to someone out of state. Or perhaps they are doing some type of identity fraud or other scam.

Too many red flags went up for us.

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