Vendors United Imposter

Michael –

Victim Location 98408

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I am reaching out to request assistance with scam that is targeting small businesses in Washington and Oregon – the company is called Vendors United and they have left a trail of damage all over the state which is evident on their Yelp page –

In late 2017, we were contacted via phone by Vendors United who claimed to be partners with local realtors; they stated that they were currently looking for local contractors to advertise in their joint magazine/book which is distributed to their customers. In addition, we would be invited to John L Scott Puyallup for a mixer with the realtors in the Spring so we can network and partner on business projects. The cost was $300 dollars and this amount would cover the book, mixer and they had digital marketing team which would create our advertisement at no additional charge. It sounded like a great deal so we signed up and the next day we were contacted by the digital marketing team to start creating our ad. Everything looked good at first (see attached communications) and after the ad was complete, we were advised that we would receive the book within 30-60 days. After two months, we reached out to the Vendors United for an update and they advised that the book publishing was pushed out to the Spring because that is right in the middle of busy season and the mixer would take place at this time as well. Since it was Winter, this explanation made sense and we had no reason to doubt them because we worked on a digital ad for several weeks (see attached) with their team and they responded to the inquiries in a timely manner.

In April, we reached out again for an update on the book and mixer and at this time, we were told that the everything was pushed out to the early fall because John L Scott Puyallup could not accommodate during busy season. We were becoming suspicious so we advised via phone and in writing that if any further delays took place, we are cancelling the project and request a full refund since the book has never been published and mixer never took place. In response to this statement, I was referred to the Customer Service Manager who listened to my story and advised that she would start the process of the refund and I would receive an update within 2 weeks. After 4 weeks, I called back and followed up with several emails but I have received no response and after further research, it was clear that this was an ongoing scam which focused on small businesses.

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